7 Pillars - 78 Services

Our One Life Formula is the foundation of what we do and it's complimented by our 7 Pillars of Finance. These pillars support your financial journey throughout all phases of life and encompass 78 services that we can provide under the Shelton service model. 

Wealth Management

Wealth management is an important piece of your financial puzzle, and it is one that we’ll work together closely on.  Learn more

Risk Management

Whether you already have insurance policies or you’re in the process of finding the best policies that will work for you, we’ll walk through the selection process together.  Learn more

Tax Planning

We’re not tax professionals, but we do understand the important tax implications of receiving and withdrawing money from various accounts. Learn more

Legacy Planning

Let’s make sure that your legacy is passed on in the way you desire. Learn more

Cash Management

How you manage your expenses today can determine how confident you feel about tomorrow. Learn more


Using your wealth to help others is a wonderful thing. From college planning to donating to charities, we’ll help you spread the love. Learn more

Value-Added Services

In preparing for what’s ahead, we take the time to educate you, answer any questions you may have and connect the dots between your biggest financial concerns and the strategies or solutions to solve them. Learn more