It is more important than ever to know how your money is invested. Investors should know the answer to the fundamental question of how much risk you are taking in your investments. 

Evaluate Your Risk

Today, are you invested with no risk, modest risk or a lot of risk? Said differently, are you invested with virtually no upside opportunity, modest upside opportunity, or significant upside opportunity? The same inescapable laws of nature apply to investing.

Levels of Risk

There are three categories that we use to create a client’s customized investment portfolio. 

  • No: Low risk & returns
  • Slow: Modest risk & returns
  • Go: High risk, unknown returns

Some clients prefer more of one thing and less of another. Many clients will adjust their investment holdings over time due to market situations, their changing income needs, or because they believe one or more of their investment attributes have changed. 

Remember: an investment plan is a living, breathing entity that needs to be reviewed, updated, and adjusted from time to time. 

Unique Rewards

We know you're unique, and your investment strategy should be too. Let us guide you through your financial journey by matching your desired investment attributes with a professional money manager. 

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