What to Expect When You Hire Shelton Financial Group


Shelton Financial Group has been providing financial services since 1995. Our company has a multi-generational group of advisors, all with different viewpoints and areas of expertise. Our team approach means that you get the best of both worlds; the fresh perspective of younger advisors with the experience and wisdom of those who have been with us since the beginning.

The advisors at our firm act as fiduciaries, which means they put our clients' interests ahead of their own. We aren’t affiliated with just one brokerage or product which allows us to present multiple options to our clients based on their individual needs. Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries, so it’s an important distinction that makes us special. At Shelton Financial, we take this responsibility very seriously, and there’s a level of trust and transparency that is built over time with each client.

In addition to being fiduciaries, our advisors Nathan Shelton, Piercen Harnish, Matt Fry, and Al Lindsten are all Certified Financial Planners, or CFPs. In the financial world, these individuals set themselves apart with additional education, testing, and levels of accountability. CFP certification is the standard of excellence for the financial planning profession.

Personalized Attention

Another reason to partner with Shelton is that we won’t sell you generic, cookie-cutter investments. Each plan is personalized to your specific financial needs and goals, and we are fee-based, so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Because your life is constantly changing, your financial plan needs to change along with it. Some investors handle their own portfolios and that may work for a while, but they usually lack the experience and qualifications needed to make big decisions about their financial futures.  


Communication is the key to excelling as a financial planner. Clients can be assured that assets are being managed well when there is a regular review with their advisor. We are in the relationship industry so the more we know about your financial goals, the better. For example, if you prioritize protecting your assets, then you need to know what vehicle is providing that. At Shelton, we take the time needed to make sure you understand the investments we recommend.


When the rubber meets the road, performance is important, and we spend a lot of time with you to make sure you understand what’s happening in your portfolio. Whether you are managing your account by yourself or with an advisor from another firm, if your portfolio isn’t performing, it may be time to review your plan with someone new.


Finally, and maybe most importantly, Shelton is a faith-based organization. Not everyone needs or wants that, but it’s at the core of who we are. Often, our investors want to tie personal values into their account decisions and the advisors at Shelton are experienced at doing this. We can guide you into investments that match your goals and align with the principles that are most important to you.