Unprecedented Times


We are in an unprecedented time in our country, and really, throughout the world.  So much is unknown, but at Shelton Financial Group, our primary concern is, and always will be, the health and well-being of our clients, our staff and our business vendors.  Words and phrases like “social distancing”, “flattening the curve”, and “shelter in place”, are just a part of our everyday existence.  Everyone is confused, everyone is concerned, and I think everyone wants to do the right thing during this time of turbulence. 

My solace lies in what I call my foundational beliefs.  I believe in the team of people that I work with every day. They are solid men and women of integrity and conviction.  I believe in the American financial institutions that have built an economy unlike any other in the world.  We are a nation created by hardworking men and women who have instilled that work ethic in generation after generation.  I believe our politicians will set aside their differences long enough to craft an appropriate response to this emergency.  And most importantly, my faith in a creator that loves each of us, encourages ME to be patient.  A client once told me that “patience always wins”.  

Here is what I would ask, as the leader of our small business, Shelton Financial Group.  We are working hard to find a way to honor all parties in this remarkable time. 

 1. Our first priority will always be the safety of all human life.  At our firm, we have younger employees with infant children at home and we have more mature employees that fall into the “at risk category”.  The rest of us fall somewhere in-between.  Our policy will be to adhere to all state and federal mandates, but we will also allow our staff the flexibility to do what they think is best for their family.  Accordingly, we are allowing staff to work from home when appropriate.  Because both of our front desk staff (Barb and Deb) are in the “at risk category”, we have asked them to stay home for their own safety, allowing others in the office to answer the phones and attend to visitors in the front lobby.  Our staff dealing with child-care issues will be working from home (Matt, Nicole and Christy) and we are also asking any staff with even the slightest hint of symptoms to stay home.  This will likely result in fewer people being available to service clients for a period of time.  We ask for patience while we are understaffed.

 2. We recognize the importance of being available to assist any client with any time sensitive service request.  Therefore, effective immediately…

  1.  We would ask that any service-related issue that is not time sensitive be delayed until we are through this most restrictive period.  My best guess is May 1.
  2. We may need to ask you to speak with another of our Advisors or another admin team member if you call in and your normal team is not available. 
  3. We will be using email, phone conferencing, and video conferencing when at all possible.  Our team has decided to eliminate in office visits for some period of time. 

 3. We will do everything in our power to provide the same prompt service that you have come to expect from us.  We care deeply for our clients and understand the stress that situations like this can present.  Our request would be that a measure of GRACE and UNDERSTANDING be extended as we work diligently to cope with new challenges in our workplace as we comply with the Executive Orders being pressed on us and the commonsense safety measures our team elects to implement.

 4. We will get through this.  There will be a bottom in the stock market.  There will be an end to the hysteria.  Life will return to a more normal place.  My confidence lies in my foundational beliefs.   

Best Regards,


Jeff Shelton, President

Shelton Financial Group