The 7 Pillars of Our One Life Strategy

At Shelton Financial Group, our mission is to help our clients create, protect, use, and then distribute their wealth to the people and organizations that mean the most to them. This is accomplished with a process we call the One Life Formula, and it’s the foundation set of principles we use for every client. In this One Life Formula, we’ve established 7 Pillars of Finance that we use to build out client strategies.

7 Pillars of Finance

Wealth Management: We invest your money through an involved process that includes asset allocation, dollar cost averaging, and a portfolio review.

Risk Management: This is mostly insurance related, but we also discuss risk in and out of your portfolio and what to do if your spouse dies or you become disabled.

Tax Planning: We don’t do your tax returns ourselves, but we can work with your accountant to be tax efficient.

Estate Planning: While we don’t offer in-house legal services, we can assist with managing any existing trusts.

Cash Management: This step includes a cash flow analysis, expenses, and budgeting. We will discuss whether you will be putting money into the “bucket” or taking money out.

Philanthropy: This pillar can include everything from college planning for grandchildren to setting up a charitable trust or foundation.

Value-Added Services: These are our proprietary processes; our support team, lunches, workshops, and everything else we do to get to know our clients outside of helping them with their finances.


All together, we provide over 78 services within our 7 pillars to support our clients’ financial growth. These services range from selecting a 401k all the way to legacy planning. 

The 7 pillars help us discover, design, and deploy each client’s financial plan for every aspect of their financial life. Wherever they may be on their financial journey, we are prepared to help!