Meet Our Team Member: Brian Nieuwlandt


By Brian Nieuwlandt, RICP®

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. While we may start off in one career, our experiences might show us other areas we want to pursue or open doors to new opportunities. That’s exactly how I found my way into a career as a financial advisor. 

The Beginning

Becoming a financial advisor was not in my original plans. Sure, I was interested in finance and committed to making wise decisions and preparing for the future, but that’s as far as it went—at least at first. After high school, I went to Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne and studied electrical engineering. Not long after, I started working for an industrial printing firm and spent over 20 years in management there. During this time, I had been working with my own retirement planning and investments. I loved learning about financial concepts and applying them to my life, and I loved how empowered and confident I felt having a financial plan. I couldn’t shake this growing passion and finally decided to see where it led me. I earned the necessary licenses as well as the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation and never looked back. 

Branching Out

After four years of working as a financial advisor, I joined the team at Shelton Financial Group. Now I get the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and pass on the importance of having a solid financial plan. While I serve a diverse group of clients, such as manufacturing executives and employees, business owners, teachers, and middle-class families, I specialize in helping them create future income streams and options for retirement. My clients are hardworking and love their families. I get the ultimate privilege of helping them provide a good life for those they love. 

I entered this profession not just because of my love for finance, but also because I could make an impact on people’s lives. I love getting to know my clients and being a resource for them when they face difficult and not-so-difficult decisions. Sometimes people just need someone in their corner to tell them that it’s okay to retire or that it’s okay to give their time and talents to their favorite charity or church. By walking them through our One Life Formula, I can help them focus on the things that matter and the things they can control. 

What Do You Need?

In all I do, I want to instill in you confidence in your future. My goal is for none of my clients to wonder if they can retire well or worry about running out of money. If you want someone to walk alongside you as you navigate life and prepare for the transition to retirement, reach out to us at 260-436-7006 or schedule your free 30-minute Fit Call online

About Brian

Brian Nieuwlandt is a financial advisor for Shelton Financial Group with over a decade of experience in the financial industry. He specializes in working with manufacturing executive and employee families seeking robust financial planning to create future income streams, as well as those in the teaching profession seeking options for retirement. He is passionate about helping others pursue their financial goals and personal objectives. Brian attended Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne for electrical engineering and holds the Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation. Outside of work, Brian participates in the Football Boosters Club at Woodlan High School, attends St. Michael Catholic Church, and serves on the parish council. For several years, he volunteered with the PAL Football Program in Fort Wayne and the Dekalb County 4-H Horse and Pony Club. Brian enjoys golfing, horseback riding, and spending time with his family. He resides in Northeast Indiana near Harlan with his wife, Amy. To learn more about Brian, connect with him on LinkedIn.