CFP®'s and Fiduciaries – Choosing the Right Advisor for You

As a consumer, you have many options for who to trust with managing your money. In Indiana especially, there are many businesses that offer seemingly similar financial services and products. So, how do you know which advisor is qualified for your personal financial situation?

Let’s start by defining some common, but often misunderstood, terms.

Advisors You Can Trust

A fiduciary is an individual or organization that has taken on the responsibility of acting on behalf of another person or entity with honesty and integrity. At Shelton Financial, all our advisors are fiduciaries, thus adding another level of accountability to our services. Beware, as not all advisors are required to act in your best interest. One way to spot a fiduciary is to look at the products they offer and how they are paid. Take our team for instance, we aren’t affiliated with just one brokerage or product which allows us to present multiple options to our clients based on their individual needs. In addition to that, as a fee-based business we are aligned with our clients, their success equals our success. Make sure your advisor is looking out for your best interest, not their yearly commission.

Next Level Financial Education

In addition to being fiduciaries, four of our advisors - Nathan Shelton, Piercen Harnish, Matt Fry, and Al Lindsten are Certified Financial Planners® or CFP®s. In the financial world, individuals that pursue this credential set themselves apart with additional education, testing, and levels of accountability. According to the CFP board, the CFP® certification is the standard of excellence for the financial planning profession and, while not easy to accomplish, is a goal our advisors are proud to have achieved.

Making the Right Choice

Not all financial advisors have the same credentials or hold themselves to high levels of accountability with their clients. If you are looking for a Certified Financial give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting to get to know you and understand your financial goals.