Fall 2023 Eat & Educate Series


October 12, 2023  - Protecting your Investments      RSVP           

Many investors want to protect their investments.  Today’s economic unknowns create concern and distrust in the “traditional” stock and bond investing philosophy.  Firms will share their process for providing downside protection and still allow for market participation.  These products are used in a volatile market, or recessionary environment, to help protect against losses and are sometimes used as bond replacements.  Learn more about how to protect profits or at least protect principle.

October 19, 2023 - Avoiding Sin Stocks                         RSVP     

Some investors would like to remove certain stocks that they find objectionable.  Our workshop will focus on Faith Based Filtering.  We have invited firms to share their process of eliminating specific types of stocks.  These filters include (but are not limited to) removing companies involved in Abortion, Pornography, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Gambling.  If there are things that you are so opposed to that you prefer not to invest in, I encourage you to attend this program.

October 26, 2023 - The Horse's Mouth                          RSVP           

 Have you ever wanted to have real people who went through the process of getting ready to retire tell you what they did?  What mistakes did they make?  What did they do correctly?  Just listening to common sense people tell you what they did.  We have asked couples to tell their story and answer questions about their financial journey.  Join us to learn from real life retired couples.