Today's investment markets provide more opportunity than ever before, but the seemingly endless array of investment options can overwhelm individuals trying to make informed investment decisions on their own.

Financial professionals at Shelton Financial Group offer a consultative approach to investment management. An advisor works as your partner in helping you understand the options available in today’s wide-ranging investment marketplace. Your advisor builds the investment process around you, your goals and individual circumstances that affect your approach to money management and investing.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of you as an investor, your advisor is able to create an investment strategy that is consistent with your goals. The centerpiece of that plan is a personalized asset allocation strategy. You can choose from a variety of professionally managed investment models.

Equity vs. Debt

Open Ended Mutual Funds

Traditional IRA’s

Roth IRA’s

Bonds vs. Interest Rates

Buying Stock in a Company

Money Market Funds

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